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Infectious Magazine Interview

Infectious Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Boston musicians The Off Chance to gather their thoughts on Kickstarter, standing out in the industry, their 12 week t-shirt giveaway and their latest EP. You can check it out below.

Infectious Magazine: Hey guys, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

MK.  Thanks for having us. I’m very excited!  Having put our EP out is a big deal for us!

JD. Never been better!

IM: You guys were thrown together almost accidentally. How much in this industry do you think is luck as opposed to hard work?

MK.  Great question Angela, but I have to admit, it’s hard to give an objective answer without sounding jealous, and even harder when you’re in a band called The Off Chance hahhahahaha…

I read an article today that said “92% of Americans believe the key to success is hard work.” I firmly believe that!  However, you can’t ignore the fact that luck, timing, etc… have a lot to do with success in life in general, not just the music industry.  At some point in time, we all have or will experience a really positive thing in our lives that we can’t claim credit for. This is the way our universe works.

However, our industry is also filled with folks who worked and continue to work their butt off to get/stay where they are. They believed in themselves, sacrificed, took huge chances and in the end they were rewarded. Those are the folks who inspire me, and whose footsteps I’d like to follow.

I think if you have a gift (no matter what that might be), you believe in yourself, and genuinely express that passion, with hard work you can push luck in your favor – or be 100% ready for when that lucky break comes! That’s my motto.

JD. I feel like this industry, in particular, is notorious for rearing “accidental success.” I have no doubt that everyone who’s “made it” has had the perfect mix of hard work and luck (some luckier than others!). One thing is for sure (to piggy-pack on Maldi’s idea), success cannot be measured by how lucky you are. It’s measured by the passion you have and the willingness to prevail, no matter the cost. I’m glad to say, The Off Chance has that.

IM: You both seem to have very different musical backgrounds. Do you think that has helped you as a band, to both learn and grow from such different backgrounds?

MK.  I think so, but, we also have many common influences.  I think the most important factor is that we have grown both on a personal level and musically.  That allows us to have faith in each other’s taste/judgment.

JD. Absolutely. I think our diversity in influences is what gives us our sound. It helps us amazingly in the writing stage, just vibing off of whatever we seem to bee feeling that day. I know for myself, growing up listening to many different genres taught me to respect music as a whole.

IM: This month you launched a 12-week free t-shirt giveaway. It’s fantastic to see bands really giving back to their fans and getting involved with their audience. What inspired you to do this giveaway?

MK.  I think it’s really important for bands at any level to be engaged and communicate with your fans and supporters. At the end of the day, we exist and do what we do thanks to them.  It’s only fair to provide a personal experience for them as they help us expand our fan base.

JD. Obviously, a part of why we started the giveaway was for promotional purposes. That being said, we’re constantly looking for ways to give back to the people that gave us so much. This is just a small way to get people excited about The Off Chance, while at the same time showing that we appreciate everything they do. We love our fans!

IM:  Along those same lines, what advice do you have for bands looking for new and varying ways to connect with their fans?

MK. I don’t know that we’re in a position to give advice just yet, but I can share what we’ve done: WORK OUR ASS OFF to make sure our content meets our writing standards, and that sonically & visually is worth our fans’ time.  We’re currently working on recreating LIVE what we did in the studio to the best of our abilities.

On a more personal level, as a fan myself, I want to give a fan the experience I want for my self from my heroes – and that is a personal experience s/he can cherish and remember. I hope to one day be able to do that for our fans!

JD. The world of Facebook and Twitter has made it easier to reach a large amount of people in a reletively short amount of time. Obviously, this is great when a band is first starting out, like we are. What we do differently, is we try to reach out to individuals and interact with them on a more personal level. This will, of course be a lot more difficult to do as our fan base grows, so my advice would be to thank and interact with the fans on a personal level for as long as possible. Make promises and keep them. These people are the foundation of your tower of success.

IM:  You were able to raise $10,000 to record a full length, correct? A lot of artists use Kickstarter, but many still aren’t taking advantage of it. Can you tell us a little about both the positives and negatives of using sites like Kickstarter?

MK.  I honestly don’t know that there’s a negative part to it. For us, KickStarter was an amazing way to raise funds, but also an invaluable marketing tool. I think we did a great job in presenting our project and showing what we needed the money for.  This allowed supporters to be part of it and root for us.

In musician circles it has become a little redundant – if you’re a musician, a lot of friends are musicians too who either share your needs or are fighting for the same audience. I guess that would be the only negative thing.

JD. I can’t say enough good things about KickStarter. Because of the unyielding support of our Family, Friends, and Fans through this site, we’ve been able to build this project from the ground up. It allows people to unite and get behind a common goal…luckily, in our case, that goal was us! The key is to constantly keep your “backers” updated on how their money is being used. For example, we sent out emails (through KickStarter) marking every milestone thus far…music videos, completion of the EP, shows, etc. We intend on making sure every dollar we’ve received is being well-spent.

IM:  What is in the future for The Off Chance?

MK.  Right now we’re focused on gigging.  It took a long time to get the record we wanted, and now it’s time to go and share that with our fans LIVE.

IM:  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

MK.  Yes, to all our KickStarter friends, we’re getting there guys, hope we’re making you proud.  If you’ve never heard of us, please come say hello at @offchanceband on twitter or It’ll be worth your time!

JD. We also want to thank you, Angela, and Infectious Magazine for taking the time to speak with us!


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