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Change review - LaParadiddle

The Off Chance has a show coming up at The Middle East in Central Square, and a new EP. Remember myinterview with them?

They’ve been over the top busy and are ready to break out some tunes, and I’m ready to give them a listen. Shall we?

The EP, Change, has fitting themes for today’s audience.

Some of the tracks have a Ryan Tedder produced feel to them, but only on the surface, while they add their own flavor to the songs. The tracks vary, and while songs like “What You Wanted” remind me of OneRepublic, they have a retrospective feel to them as well.

When I clicked on “It’s You I’ve Been Waiting For” I did a double take because the vocals reminded me greatly of Jon Mayer. It’s a very well constructed pop/rock track, in my opinion, and also reminded me of the personality Gavin DeGraw infuses into his music.

Don’t get me wrong-these tracks have a very clean pop/rock sheen on them. But don’t get me wrong about something else-The Off Chance produces very. Good. Vocals. Don’t forget that. The strings on ‘Wake Up’ are a nice touch, too. Subtle and not overbearing, but add to the sentiment of the lyrics.

“I Need You”, however, sounds very much like a definite top single. I could be wrong. But it’s catchy and follows melodies and chords that I feel listeners will be comfortable with and, likely, get stuck in their head. Do you ever hear a song and think, “earworm!”? (Was that totally wacky punctuation? Apologies). “I Need You” is an earworm. Well, it is for me. So, knowing me, it will be stuck in my head for the next three days as I sing to myself in the seltzer isle at CVS. I can’t help it!

Also-side note-does Polar always go with these off beat seasonal flavors? Am I new to this party? Can we bring the pineapple back? It reminds me of a shampoo I used in seventh grade. Not a great selling point? Believe me. It was delightful. Since I am now allergic to nearly 90% of shampoos out there, drinking something that tastes the way your hair used to smell is just splendid.

Back to The Off Chance and Change.

Though this video is from March, I feel it truly exemplifies the talent in The Off Chance. Live performances that are this clear and articulate are nice to hear:

There are some particular accents in the instrumentation that I really appreciate in this song. I know it’s kind of sentimental, but it’s really a well constructed track, if you don’t mind me saying, and the video is so nicely shot. Overall, I think this EP is a nice launching pad for, hopefully, a full length album and more gigs from this group.

You can get the EP on iTunes, and more info about the band here. Take a listen, say hello, watch some videos. The Off Chance are incredibly welcome to listeners and warm and open as musicians. They appear to be very much in tune with their community-props to them!

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