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Change review - Indie Album Reviews

By Ted Rogen - The Equal Ground -

Maldi Kellici and Jason Differ are The Off Chance and I can't but help but wonder if their name was picked based on how they met. Back in 2004 they met after playing a show in two separate bands. Sometime later Differ was asked to join Kellici’s band. That band broke up and they were left at crossroads and decided to keep pursuing their musical endeavors. They recently released an EP entitled Change, which is pop/rock music clearly built for a ubiquitous audience and commercial appeal. These songs follow a similar formula to rock songs you hear on the radio and would easily fit into rotation on your local FM station. The songs will not crack an audience of indie hipsters who need a heavy dose of Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear or any other Pitchfork-approved band but will rely on audiences who are prone to listen to “the hits.”

The music itself is well-written and no matter what type of music you enjoy it is evident that these two know how to construct a song. Each one of their songs displays talent when it comes to composition and structure. There are plenty of dynamics, hooks and surplus of sounds to keep you engaged. One other thing I enjoyed about the EP is the production. So many bands don't put enough time and effort into this aspect and this is obviously not the case here.If you are looking for what a refined, polished EP sounds like then Change is a shining example.

The EP starts off with a solid pop song called “What You Wanted.” It’s a straightforward song that has a triumphant sing-alongy type chorus that will get stuck in your head whether you like it or not. The title track “Change” is one of the highlights of the album that has a good amount of soul spewing from the song. “Helpless” is the closer of the album which relies on acoustic guitars and a softer side that embraces an emotional center.

The Off Chance created a solid EP that showcases songs that are easily digestible and commercially viable. The songs aren't so formulaic that I was cringing but also have a “sound” that seems almost too recognizable amongst popular pop acts. Overall, the album delivers a nice batch songs that you should check out.

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