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  • Change review - Indie Album Reviews

    By Ted Rogen - The Equal Ground - Kellici and Jason Differ are The Off Chance and I can't but help but wonder if their...

  • Change - Review

    By Infectious Magazine“Change” leads this album, with jazzy undertones and easy listening; it greets you at the door and welcomes you in. “Helpless” follows suit and I find myself feeling as...

  • Interview with LaParadiddle

    From LaParaddileThe Off Chance loves Boston. Take a listen and send some love right back their way!I recently mentioned a band called The Off Chance in my last post, and have mentioned on...

  • Infectious Magazine Interview

    Infectious Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Boston musicians The Off Chance to gather their thoughts on Kickstarter, standing out in the industry, their 12 week t-shirt giveaway and...

  • Change review - LaParadiddle

    The Off Chance has a show coming up at The Middle East in Central Square, and a new EP. Remember myinterview with them?They’ve been over the top busy and are ready to break out some tunes...

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