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Change, has fitting themes for today's audience
Change is, without a doubt an extremely well thought out compilation of music and lyrics which is timeless Infectious Magazine
The Off Chance The Off Chance are more than just hook-savvy musicians—they are dedicated artists whose gravitas for grandiose tunes puts them in a league of their own. Performer Magazine

About The Band

Founding members Maldi Kellici and Jason Differ met in 2004 at a show, playing with separate bands. Within weeks, Differ was asked to join Kellici’s band. Upon the band's breakup, Kellici and Differ found themselves at the intersection of their dreams and their realities. Both quit writing music to pursue other interests. While teaching private guitar lessons, it would be the curiosity of a student to push Kellici to contact Differ. The collaboration was fruitful from the very first meeting. With a reinvigorated passion for music and a mature approach to songwriting, the duo began writing for their first album titled Change.

Since the release of their debut EP, Change, Aug 22nd 2012, The Off Chance has established itself among the top bands in Boston. In under one year from their first live performance (October 7, 2012), the band played more than 24 shows, received airplay on four digital radio stations, found coverage in multiple magazines and blogs, and is followed/liked by over 7,000 fans on social media. The band secured performances at Ben & Jerry’s Fair Trade Festival in Boston as well as New York’s CBGB Festival, further establishing themselves as a band with energy, passion, and draw. The band has also headlined venues including: the House of Blues Boston - Foundation Room, The Middle East, Hard Rock Café Boston, Café Wha?, the Bitter End, and Sullivan Hall NY. Additionally, they released four videos on YouTube (three music videos, one lyric video) with total views of over 37,300. The most watched video being for their first single, which has been viewed more than 15,000 times.

The Off Chance is planning to release their second EP in 2014. 




Why "Change" as an album title?

MK. It’s called “Change” because this project for us was a change in many ways: 1st and foremost it was a change in the way we approached music and songwriting. We came from a Punk/Rock background, where sometimes entire albums can be about crazy guitar riffs, flashy fills and drum grooves… and not necessarily about songs. 

JD. We feel “Change” is all of the above. Every element that drew us to music in the first place is there, just not in an overbearing way. All of the lyrics come from a very personal place and are our actual life stories. There’s no speculation involved – it’s purely something we’ve lived through presented in a way that people can identify with.  

MK. 2ndly it is called Change because we made a change in our way of life. We had a dream that got derailed, but never faded. We realized that if we wanted it to happen, we had to make it a reality ourselves despite the challenges – and there were a lot of them. That’s what we stand for, and that is why we are called The Off Chance. Thus far, we’ve achieved everything we set out to do!

JD. Somewhere in the back of our mind, we knew writing and performing music was going to become a priority again. We feel we have something to say –  something that people can relate to and look forward to sharing it with them. 

Where did the inspiration for the songs on Change come from?

MK. Our musical interests are very diverse ranging from The Beatles to Foo Fighter to Slayer and everything in between. Name any artist and most likely it’s in our music library. With Change, and The Off Chance really, we wanted to create a platform where all of those influences could coexist. There really was no particular genre in mind. We just captured what we heard and worked with our producer David Bawiec to further refine it.  

JD We feel we’ve done a good job in sneaking in every musical element that excited us about music. We are very pleased with the results and fully embrace the diversity of our music. Each song on the EP is very different. We feel that variety sets us apart from a lot of bands who write genre specific music. 


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